Meet the Team


Meet our Church Leadership Team

The church leadership team is responsible for the management of our church .


Brad Reynolds

Senior Pastor

Brad Reynolds is the Senior Pastor at Crossroads Worship Center

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Brandon Reynolds

Worship Pastor

Brandon Reynolds is the Worship Pastor and Youth Pastor for Crossroads Worship Center

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blake reynolds

Music Director and Assistant Youth Pastor

Blake Reynolds is the Music Director and assistant youth pastor for Crossroads Worship Center.



Cristy Graham

Prayer Leader/Worship Leader

Cristy Graham is our prayer team leader and one of our worship leaders. She is married to Mark Graham and has nine wonderful children: Mark-Allen Graham, Suzanne Graham, Ruth Graham, Rebekah Graham, Esther Graham, Joshua Graham, Jessica Graham, Josiah Graham, and Hannah Graham.


Michelle Dickerson

Church Administrator/Secretary

Michelle Dickerson is our church administrator/church secretary. Her and her husband Don Dickerson have two children and several beautiful grandchildren. Don and Michelle are actively involved here at Crossroads Worship Center and are loved by everyone that meets them.

Denise Rish

Kidz JAMM Leader

Denise Rish is our Kids JAMM leader and is married to Dale Rish and has two children Daniel and Dustin Rish.

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